Sunday, January 25, 2009

Doodling with the Super Brush - Blob Fish

Time for another doodle! Although I'm busy here at CHA, and we had a wonderful first day and two great certification classes, I figured now is a good time to show another quick and easy doodle with the Super brush end of a Ciao or Sketch marker. This doodle is one of my favorites because it is so versatile and easy. If you liked the blob duck, then you'll love the blob fish.

Blob Fish
This is a super-easy doodle that I know anyone can make. Pick a good fishy color, here I'm using BG32, but it really doesn't matter. You'll also need a multiliner or some other outlining device. I'm using black because it has the best contrast, but you can also pick a colored multiliner that is darker than the marker color you use inside the fish. So if your fish is light blue, outline it with a Cobalt multiliner.

Rounded Fin Fish
1. Draw a blob/circle.
2. Touch the side of your super brush to the top and bottom of the fish to make fins.(Turn your paper, not your hands to get the right angle on your fins).
3. Add the tail in the same direction
4. Outline the body and fins.
5. Add final details, like eye, mouth, gills

See how easy that was! Here is another variation:

Pointy Fin Fish
All I changed was the direction I pointed my brush and the shape of the body blob. Now you can doodle up a whole ocean of cute fish.

Again, you will find it much easier to turn your paper than to turn your wrist to match the direction you want the fins.

The level of detail you add with the multiliner is entirely up to you. If you don't like the gills, then don't add them. You may prefer having a line drawn between the body and tail of the fish. These are your doodles.

Try using multiple colors, have the fins a different color than the body. Try adding lips or stripes or bubbles. Make a whole school of fish for a background, or a single fish for a pool party. The best thing about making the fish yourself is that they will coordinate perfectly with whatever else you color on that page.

These blob critters I have shown you are great projects that you can have a little one help you with. If you don't want kids using your markers, try this same thing with a set of watercolors. It's the outline that really makes the colored area pop off the page, so after they paint their blob go around the outlines with a nice pen (watercolors won't mess up a multiliner).

Here is my final little school of fish, ready to chomp the poor worm. It's super cute and super simple. I hope I've inspired you to doodle a little something for yourself.

Have a wonderful day and I'll try to post photos of CHA later. Some of you have stopped by and figured out what I was getting at in my obscure post about chocolate. Some of you have guessed, and for those of you who haven't wellllll....

We have new atyou Spica Glitter pen colors! There are 11 new colors and Chocolate happens to be one of them. I really will take some photos of the new colors sometime soon, promise! Otherwise, you'll have to stop by the booth to see the other new colors.


Kelli Hull said...

OOO NEW SPICAS???? Oh how I love my Spica glitter pens... SO excited will have to start stalking my fave on line stores to see who will get them in....

Nicole said...

Great tutorial, Marianne! THANKS so much for all of the time you take to make us better Copica'chicks!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

I dig these doodlin' posts!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE Marianne!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Very cool!!!!

Thanks Marianne!


cheryl said...

I love your d-i-y doodle posts! I was inspired to doodle some fish of my own: http://cherylsjournals.blogspot/

I haven't tried Copic Markers (yet), but I am curious.

Danielle said...

Ohh Yes! New Spica!!!! How long before we will see them around in the retail shops? I need the new colors.

I love these little quickie doodle posts, thank you for taking the time to post on your blog during the busy CHA!