Friday, January 16, 2009

Video Tutorials

I apologize now for being such a bad blogger. We have been preparing for CHA, which is the Craft and Hobby Association trade show held next week in Anaheim, so for the next couple weeks I might be a little more infrequent in my blogging. I think there are a few spaces left in my Friday class on the 23rd, so contact us today if you want to come. Also, if anyone has tried to call in to Copic, we just got a new phone system that we are still trying to work all the kinks out of, so please be patient.

I know that many of you wish I would do video tutorials. Alas, my time is limited and if I did one tutorial then you'd expect it all the time, so for now you'll have to content yourself with some of these:

Online Videos
There are lots of good tutorials out there, and most can be found with a quick search on YouTube for the word "Copic". Here are some of my favorites. If you have uploaded some to your blog or have other favorites, please leave a link in the comments for today's post and a brief description of what is in the video.

First, for Stamping tutorials, check out our very own design team member, Sherrie Siemens. Just Monday Sherrie posted a great tutorial and her old tutorials are listed on the sidebar. Sherrie will be assisting me in my Toronto classes and you can see from the tutorials how through she is in her coloring. Thank you Sherrie!

Then, for Manga coloring, check out Amy Reeder Hadley's tutorial on how to color one of her characters from Fool's Gold, a series she draws for Tokyopop. She has a couple great videos on inking and coloring, so check those out. This second tutorial of hers explains the pre-process for coloring, and I love it!

For those of you who are studying Fashion Illustration, there is a series of videos uploaded from the DVD that accompanies book Fashion Illustration for Designers by Kathryn Hagen. Ms. Hagen is a fashion illustration instructor at Otis College. Each year, for about 5 years now, we at Copic have made custom Fashion Illustration sets for Otis college. The book is phenomenal! I could just eat it up, even for the non-fashion illustrators this has some great process tutorials.

DVD's now available
We have a great Product rendering DVD available now from Copic. This was created by a German Product Rendering professor and is dubbed in English or Japanese. They cover everthing from picking your tools to using Copics with chalk pastels and other mixed media. This shows effects you can get on traditional marker paper. You can get a taste of this video right on the Copic website. I could watch this for hours. I wil try to adapt some of the techniques from this video into other creative venues, so don't think that this is just for the dedicated professional designer.

For the very new beginner you can get the Copic DVD on Sketch Markers. This video shows basic coloring as well as some fun projects in papercrafting, manga and general marker care. Much of the time, the hands you see in the video are mine, so don't say that I've never done a video tutorial.

CHA Preview from the Copic Booth
Last, at CHA this year you can see a preview of 3 upcoming DVDs on Airbrushing with Copic. This is a NEW series we have been working on, which includes Papercrafting, Landscape Architecture, and Comic Illustration. Each DVD shows basic airbrushing and marker care, plus video of artists in their studios, working on a project. The featured artist for the papercrafting video is none other than Ellen Hutson! So stop by our booth (booth #4147) for a sneak preview. These videos will be available the second half of 2009. Once these are available I will be sure to post full reviews of them.

There are lots more exciting things coming from Copic, so I will try to let you know what's on the way in the next few months. There's something for everyone, from new stamping paper to new disposable fountain pens. Stay Tuned!


craftyteaspoon said...

You should stick to your wonderful blogs and everything you do at Copic. Let others do videos - we don't want to stretch you to thin.

Thank you again for all you do!!!

Susan said...

Marianne, I love the blog and know that you do it on your own time, so don't worry about videos! There is so much information here, I love to refer back to your posts time after time. I just got an air compressor, so I'm sure I'll be checking out your air brushing posts again!

Anonymous said...

Bad Blogger? Hardly..... I am the prime example of a bad blogger, lol. Thank goodness for RSS feeds so I do stay up to date. Have fun at CHA and will PM you on some cardstock I found. Just wanting to see if you've ever heard of this type or used it, etc. NO biggie and it can wait ......
Sunflower Hugs

Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

I can not wait for Saturday's class! Your blog is just fabulous as is. A video would be great but if you don't get around to one, we're totally going to understand! Thank you for everything that you take the time to do and share with us! Looking forward to meeting you! ~ Jane