Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Certification Updates

Another quick update on upcoming Certification classes. We have some New locations and mailings will be going out soon for June locations. Contact me only if a mailing has already gone out. Otherwise, please use the sign in on my sidebar to submit your request for an application.

Portland, OR May 20th, Taught by Marianne
I will be sending out the applications today.

Also, the Rockland, MA and Smithville, OH classes are now Open to the public. Please e-mail me for an application to reserve your spot.

New Classes upcoming, details TBA:
Salt Lake City, UT June 11th Taught by Marianne
Vancouver BC, July 11th Taught by Sherrie Siemens

19th Kingsport, TN full taught by Sally Lynn
22nd San Francisco, CA open to public taught by Marianne
26th Chino, CA full taught by Sally Lynn

17th Rockland, MA open to public taught by Sally Lynn
20th Portland, OR email for application taught by Marianne
31st Smithville, OH open to public taught by Sally Lynn

6th Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada email for application taught by Sherrie

Applications have not been sent yet, please add yourself to the mailing list:

14th Belmont, NH taught by Sally Lynn
28th Durham, NC taught by Sally Lynn

Vancouver, BC taught by Sherrie
27th Orlando, FL taught by Marianne

16th Eau Claire, WI taught by Sally Lynn
30th Coconut Creek, FL taught by Sally Lynn

Please add yourself to the mailing list on the sidebar so we know how many people are interested.
Calgary and Edmonton, Canada, August
Texas, Fall

For those of you who have taken the Certification Class in Feb. or March please check the Copic website instructor listing to make sure your information is correct.


Harriet Skelly said...

Hi I am interested in taking the April 22 class in SF and I sent an email and registered but haven't gotten an application or an email back . I see it is still open and would really like to attend. hskelly@pacbell.net

atta girl arts said...

Hi Marianne:

VANCOUVER!!!! It is a dream come true. I am so excited to sign up for that one. Thank you thank you thank you.

scrappinpeg said...

I took the class in New Orleans and I'm still not on the instructor listing. But my friend that I got in for winning the submitted card has her name already posted. Please check into this. I've emailed a few times as well, but no response.
Peggy Biggs

Laurie said...

Could you email me with more information about the Smithville,OH class? My friend and I might be interested in taking it since it is open to the public. Thanks, Laurie


* Shell B.* said...

Oh how I wish you would come to Alaska or do online classes!

I so want to learn and become certified.

Shell in Alaska

Robin Perry said...

I am definitely interested in the July class in Orlando!

Deirdra Doan said...

Hello, I am interested in the Portland Or class in May...