Thursday, April 2, 2009

Copic Coloring Challenge Blog

For those of you who are papercrafters there is a new blog which hosts a coloring challenge every 2 weeks Copic Creations Challenge Blog

This was started by the following lovely ladies. Go check it out!
They have some neat prizes as well as links to other tutorials online for coloring each challenge topic. The challenge this time is coloring faces and skin tones. Go look around and see what kinds of neat cards people are coloring these days.


Margaret said...

I love your blog for Copic Creations and your cards are awesome. I can't wait to play. I didn't see though anywhere on your blog to subscribe to it so I can automatically get updates when you post new things. Do you plan to do this?

marianne walker said...

This is not a blog that I made, so you'll have to leave them a message to create a subscribe feature