Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Chatting and Certification

Tomorrow I'll post a technique, but I have a couple of quick announcements today. This has been a busy Spring, so we have lots going on...

I just got back this weekend from the Spellbinders Design Team Training 2009. One of the team's surprise bonuses for being chosen to the Spellbinder's Design Team was that they got to be Copic Certified as well. If you get a chance, go check out the Spellbinder's blog to see who was at the class. It was a fabulous bunch of crafters!

The San Francisco class is now full, as is the Chino class this week. For those of you heading to the Chino class there has been a slight change of plans. Sally Lynn has had something come up in her family so I will be teaching the Chino class. It looks like I get a double-dose of California this week!

Also, we have been updating the Copic website a little at a time. If you ever have questions about what is involved in the Certification Process you can check it out from the homepage under "Certification". This should answer most of your questions.

The Salt Lake City Class is set for Thursday, June 11th. Get on the mailing list as I will be sending out those applications soon, along with other June Classes.

For Illustrators
I just found this fabulous Illustration challenge each week.

Illustration Friday

They choose a word each week and you illustrate something that expresses that word to you. This week's topic is "Impossibility". I wish I had more time to draw, since I have so many ideas that fit into "Impossibility".

I haven't scanned in many of my really impossible pictures, but here's a quick little doodle of a sea-horse from my last week's to-do list that really shows Impossibility. This is the kind of thing that my sketchbooks and to-do lists are full of, (along with more traditional illustrations) but most people never get the chance to skim through my sketchbooks, so I'll try to share more from those as I remember.

I'll post some useful coloring tutorials over the next few days as I travel, so stay tuned.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for spending time with us at the Spellbinders retreat. Your work and teaching is beyond amazing. I cannot wait to start playing.
:) Kazan

Kimberly Crawford said...

thanks for all the great tips, ideas, and inspiration at the Spellbinders DT retreat!! You are amazing!!!
kimberly crawford

Diamond Doll said...

Wow what a fab blog, i have only just found you ,i wanted to purchase some copics and not sure which ones to get a friend gave me your blog addy, thanx for the brill info. Am now off to get some.And definetly will be back
Trish (-:

Take care and STAY POSITIVE! Trena said...

Marianne! I saw you on the Spellbinders page. You are all over the place woman! :o) Congratulations for all the good things happening for you!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

watermelongirl said...

Thanks for the fabulous certification class. It was a ton of fun, and you're amazing!

Heidi Blankenship said...

Marianne, it was so great to see you again at the Spellbinders Retreat!! Thank you so much for the Fantastic Certification Class!! You are beyond amazingly talented and so very inspiring!!

Unknown said...

I am wondering about Certification for Orlando. I know the date is coming up and am very interested in getting all info, but have not received any. Any news on this?