Saturday, April 4, 2009

Doodling with the Super Brush - Blob Bunnies

When I was in Toronto recently I was showing how to make blob ducks and blob fish and someone asked me how to draw a bunny. I figured I should share it with you since Easter is only a week away. Anyone can draw these cute blob critters, so don't get scared.

Blob Bunnies
Bunnies are so cute and they have such neat poses that you get a couple variations on the blob bunnies. To make these today, pick 1 bunny colored Sketch or Ciao marker and a Multiliner 0.3mm or smaller.

Sitting Bunny
Start with a round dot for the head and add a larger oval blob for the body. Pushing straight down with the brush, add a dot for the tail and then with the brush on it's side add a blob for the front paw.

With the point of the brush aimed at the head, lay the brush down to make the base of each ear. Then turn your paper around and point the brush away from the head and lay it down to make the top of each ear.

With the multiliner, outline the head first, going around each ear. Then do the main body without the tail. When I add the tail I am making it look fluffy even though it's a round dot. You don't have to make it puffy, you could just have a round little tail if the fluff is too tricky for you.

Last, add a back foot (kind of shaped like a squished, backwards 3) and the face. See the face detail steps to see how easy it is to draw a cute bunny face. If you really want to you could add whiskers as well.

Hopping Bunny
The only difference between the hopping bunny and the sitting bunny is
that you draw the body blob at an angle, and you have the front paws and back paws stick out more. Then outline it same as you did before (I think the hopping bunny might even be easier than the sitting bunny).

Bunny Hugs
If you substitute little round ears for long bunny ears this could easily become a teddy bear. Just like before, draw a round blob for the head and an oval blob for the body.

The ears are trickier, since we are making one bent. Look at the exaggeration of the bent ear to see how you lay the point of the brush out to make the bent L shape. Add the 4 paws sticking out from the body. Outline the body as before, then look at the face detail for a close-up on the head.

This time, when you get to the bent ear, draw the line on the underside of the bent part half-way through the ear. Now it looks like the ear is really bent towards us. You could adapt this ear to your other bunnies as well. Add the face and you're ready to hop off to Easter!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow I'll show airbrushed Easter Eggs, so if you want to get a head-start you can look back at the airbrushing post from a while ago. If you don't have an airbrush system you can still make fun textured eggs with this fur technique. You can do this right over the top of your dried, dyed eggs.


Kerry Johnson said...

I wondered when they'd make it to your blog!! I had so much fun in Toronto - thanks for everything Marianne!!!

Sharon Harnist said...

Blob bunnies -- you are hilarious, girl! Love your bunnies!

Nicole said...

WOW, marianne, these are the cutest and look to be so easy, too! Thanks for the tips!!

Elizabeth said...

These are just too Cute! Thanks for sharing your technique with us.

Sandy Knecht said...

This was so cute, thank you! Wishing you and your followers a hoppy Easter too.

Smita said...

Hi Marianne, I am a first-time visitor to your blog. Love the way you have drawn this bunny; also liked your other posts.
I do not use Copics, nor do I have access to them (unless I decide to order online), but I still enjoyed your posts and I am sure there are many out there who learn so much from you. You are such an inspiration!!

Thank you.

Kate said...

I'm trying to find some brown copic markers to color bunnies with. I love the color you used in this post on blob bunnies. You said to pick a bunny color but I'm so new at this, could you tell me what color of marker you used? Thanks so much.

Gadgetssai said...

backwards <3 much gracious