Monday, April 6, 2009

Airbrushed Easter Egg

I have to admit that I was planning on making decorated eggs this weekend, but things came up, as things do, and I ate the eggs I was going to decorate. However, here is a photo from an egg I made last year. Later this week I'll try to post some of this year's creations.

Airbrushed Easter Egg
If you have an airbrush this is easy to make.

1. Top of the egg, airbrushed with the chisel end of a sketch Y08 marker.
2. Middle of egg airbrushed with YG06
3. Bottom of egg airbrushed with BG34

4. Doddle flowers on egg with the Super Brush nib in RV25

5. Using the Super-brush nib in the airbrush system, spray larger speckles of the RV25 lightly over the whole surface. Practice the light speckling spray before you spray the egg!

Here are some eggs that Sharon Harnist made last year using stickers as a mask. I love it!

Ellen Hutson tried stamping onto here eggs last year and then airbrushed them. These are fun and simple also.

If you don't have an airbrush, don't worry! You can evenly color your egg with your favorite basic egg coloring kit, then once it's dry, add your doodles with the brush. You can add speckles by lightly coloring the fibers on an old rag and dabbing them on for texture.

If you would like to show off your Copic Easter Eggs, please add a link here. Thanks for sharing!


Giselle said...

So cute..!! thanks for sharing..!!

Gis xxx

Teresa said...

Now this is one way to color eggs that I can get into! Thanks for showing us.